Spring Equinox 2019

Wednesday 20th March 2019 is the Vernal Equinox (Alban Eilir) or the first day of spring in the UK.

On this day, the hours of daylight and dark become equal as we come out of winter and head towards the warmer days of summer.

This year it may also be possible to see a “super worm moon” in the Northern Hemisphere. The astronomy website EarthSky.org, report that a full moon has not been this close to the first day of spring since the year 2000. and will not happen less than a day apart again until 2030.

Seedlings are well under way and buds are bursting forth as the garden responds to the planetary shift. In the hedgerow, the blackthorn has already come and gone

Traditional symbols of the Spring Equinox are the Shamrock and eggs protected by Hares, which is where our Easter (Ostara) rabbits originated.

Tread carefully in the garden, many self sown seedlings are just starting to appear, so now is the time to look out for them and move them to places where you want them to grow.

Frost can still be a problem for a number of weeks yet so stay vigilant. Early fruit blossoms could be at risk.

The pond is full of frog spawn and birds are starting to nest. Break the ice on ponds if they should freeze and keep the bird feeders topped up.

Enjoy the season!

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