Tomato plant packs

Jersey Plants Direct have created some great tomato plant packs, including a brilliant heritage range.

Growing plants from seed may not always be the most economical idea, especially if you want to grow a few different varieties.  With each pack of seed costing upwards of £2.00, it would cost over £10.00 for 5 different varieties and you would never use up the seed unless you are able to swap with a friend.

Add into this the costs of see compost and nurturing early seedlings through cold British late winter and spring, it is not surprising that many turn to buying their tomato plants as young established plug plants.

We like to grow different varieties, so we were impressed when we heard about the Jersey Plants Direct ranges which offer packs of 6 or 12 mixed plants and even have a thoughtfully chosen heritage variety selection.

Heirloom Collection

Heirloom Tomato collection from Jersey Plants Direct

Heirloom Tomato collection from Jersey Plants Direct. Packs of 6 or 12

Heirloom Tomatoes are varieties that have been passed on by farmers and gardeners from generation to generation, many of which were cultivated before 1940

These traditional varieties were popular before the spread of commercial glasshouse Tomato production.

This heirloom tomato collection been specially chosen for either their unique appearance or their exceptional flavour.

They are openly pollinated varieties, usually more suited to the amateur grower rather than the professional due to their sometimes longer cropping time, intermediate habit and unusual fruit appearance.

Those who grow them are rewarded with a wide range of novelty shapes and colours combined with exceptional flavour and texture.

Collection Varieties    Marmande, Green Zebra, Berner Rose, Costoluto Genovese, Tigerella, Potiron Ecarlate


Perfect for tomato lovers – a great mix!

Popular tomato collection from Jersey Plants Direct

Popular tomato collection from Jersey Plants Direct. Packs of 6 or 12

Cant decide which tomatoes you want, why not try this classic mixed tomato pack. These tomato plants can be grown on or planted straight out as you choose once the risk of frost has gone.

Collection Varieties    Moneymaker, Gardener’s Delight, Tumbling Tom Red F1, Tomato Shirley F1

MoneyMaker: This Tomato Moneymaker variety, a Gardener’s Favourite, will produce heavy crops and succulent, medium sized fruits.

Gardener’s Delight: This variety of tomatoes is a prolific fruiting tomato that produces long trusses of sweet tasting rich flavoured cherry tomatoes. A popular and reliable variety.

Tumbling Tom Red F1: This variety of Tomato is perfect for hanging baskets and containers producing an abundance of sweet Cherry Tomatoes throughout the summer. It needs little training, just let it grow and enjoy.

Tomato Shirley F1: This established variety of Tomato is a cordon type and is ideal for growing in growbags. Can be grown both indoors and outdoors in warmer climates. Producing heavy crops of tasty, disease resistant tomatoes.

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