Detox in the garden

The recent phenomenon of Digital Detoxing is gaining a wider audience and gardening provides a perfect escape to detox yourself from the digital world.

Recent research suggests that we check our digital device about every six minutes and spend an hour each day on social media.

There was a time, not so long ago when people who wanted to contact you whilst you were doing something else and not available, just had to wait until you were.

Now, we are entangled in a sticky cobweb of answering e.mails, responding to texts and checking our social media sites, all of which people expect to be replied to instantly.
There is no escape from this relentless cobweb, so think of your garden as your personal space which nobody can invade.


Gardening is a great stress reliever

Detoxing from your digital world is important to allow the brain to function on a different level, releasing the good chemicals that help our bodys’ repair processes and psychological well being.

An article published by Michigan State University states that;

“According to the Journal Biological Psychiatry, some experts even say the fresh air can help prevent Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and result in higher test scores among students.”

“Gardening has also emerged in recent years as a scientifically proven stress reliever. Stress can cause irritability, headaches, stomach aches, heart attacks and worsen pre-existing conditions in the body.”

“An experiment published in the Journal of Health Psychology compared gardening to reading as a stress-relieving activity; test subjects that gardened experienced a more significant decrease in stress when compared to the subjects that were assigned to read.”

Take an hour in the garden, tending patio planters or window boxes but make sure that you detach yourself from all communication devices and outside interference such as listening to the radio or music.

Go for a walk or run in the park, join a community gardening project and interface with people face to face.

Make a special weekend of your digital detox by spending time at one of the many specialist retreats where you can also partake in learning outdoor skills and craft sessions.

Be disciplined;

*no telephones
*no tablets
*no wearable communications devices

Listen to the sounds of the birds singing, insects buzzing around, the breeze in the trees!  Take time for yourself and connect with the planet we live on.

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