Gardening can banish winter blues

According to a recent survey commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) gardening can banish the winter blues and could even change your life.

In the Censuswide survey of 2053 UK adults in January 2014, 82% of gardening brits say they do so because it makes them feel happier. Even in the winter months, gardening can still be a great way to beat the January blues and get fit.

I love my job: Lucie, team leader at RHS Garden Wisley

I love my job: Lucie, team leader at RHS Garden Wisley

Just 18% of the 2000 adults surveyed said they didn’t like gardening in winter months and 80% citied, “getting outside and being active” as a reason they loved gardening with “the satisfaction of growing something” coming in second with 72%.

The results of the survey also revealed some surprising facts about people’s career choices with a whopping 70% saying that given the choice, they would prefer to spend their working day in a garden with just 9% opting for an office and 21% undecided.

As new stats show that gardening makes you happy, the RHS has filmed some career changing gardeners

Guy Barter, RHS Chief Advisor, says: “Coming in January, traditionally thought of as the most depressing month of the year when job hunting is at its highest, these stats might prompt a few to think about their career direction.”

In light of this the RHS has created a series of short films, asking people who chose to ditch the desk and follow their dream of spending their working life in horticulture, why they did it and what makes them love their jobs in January.

The film series – titled Green Mondays – can be viewed at the RHS youtube channel and includes a former bank manager, TV costume designer, paralegal, chef, finance worker and more, all of whom couldn’t be happier in their horticultural careers.

Guy Barter, RHS Chief Advisor, continues;

“With these stats showing that most people feel happy gardening, the RHS would love to encourage more people to try getting outside to garden away those winter blues”.

“Obviously January isn’t a typical time you’d think about gardening, but there’s lots you can do to start getting your plot in shape for spring like digging up beds and lugging about pots, all of which are also great for releasing endorphins – and cheaper than the gym!”

“Around 35% of the gardening respondents to the survey said that they don’t get outside doing jobs during the winter and I’d really recommend they give it a go.  If gardening makes them happier, what better time than now to help cheer them up.”

“I hope that these results and the videos of gardening career changers will encourage more people to get outside and enjoy their gardens in January and perhaps even make a few more office workers think again about careers in horticulture.”

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