Planting Bare Root Fruit Trees

Growing your own fruit is becoming increasingly popular and you really don’t need a great deal of space in the garden to do so.

Regardless of the number of trees, varieties or types of rootstock you choose, the planting technique remains the same.

As long as the soil is not waterlogged or frozen, winter is the ideal time to plant bare root trees.

Unlike container grown trees and shrubs, bare root plants are supplied without a container.

The roots are wrapped carefully to keep them moist and this allows for easier transportation and is generally the most economical way to buy young fruit trees.

These are trees which have been growing for a couple of years and are dug up to be planted during their dormant period unlike container grown fruit trees which can be planted at any time of year, although spring and autumn are more favourable to the plant’s establishment.

Mark Abbott-Compton of explains how to plant bare root fruit trees in this video from his 10 minute gardener series.

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