Looking for a white climbing geranium

Can you help find a white climbing geranium?

Liz from The Vernon Geranium Nursery recently visited a garden in Wiltshire to view some fabulous climbing geraniums which the couple had been growing for many years.

Magenta climbing geranium

Magenta climbing geranium

As well as the stunning magenta and vibrant red they commented that they used to have a white climbing geranium.

The Vernon Geranium Nursery does not have it in their geranium collection either and they would love to be able to track it down.

If any of our readers has such a plant in their garden or conservatory The Vernon Geranium Nursery would love to hear from you.

You can either contact us via the comments section at the end of this article or The Vernon Geranium Nursery whose details are below.

The Vernon Geranium Nursery

Started in 1960’s by the current owners’ grandfather, the geranium bug passed down throughout the family.  Liz continues to search out the best of the old traditional and new

Red climbing geranium

Red climbing geranium

varieties.  They have one of the most extensive collections of hardy and tender geraniums and pelargoniums.

The Vernon Geranium Nursery are always keen to hear from enthusiasts and many of their current and unusual varieties have originated from private collections…some of them with a story to tell.

More information

Visit the Vernon Geranium Nursery website

Order a free copy of their latest catalogue or call on 0844 573 6010.

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