Potato Record Smashed at Gardening Scotland 2013

The world record for exhibiting different varieties of seed potato was broken this year at Gardening Scotland 2013.

Seed potato grower, Ian Barbour from Annan, smashed his previous 2004 Guinness World Record by adding another 84 potato varieties to make a final total of 667 on display.

JBA Seed Potatoes 2013 record breaking display

JBA Seed Potatoes 2013 record breaking display

Barbour from JBA Seed Potatoes and a team of volunteers spent three days washing more than 3000 individual potatoes to create the huge exhibit for the 2013  national gardening and outdoor living show.

The exhibit made quite a spectacle, with neatly stacked boxes of tubers arranged alphabetically within their First Early, Early and Maincrop classifications.  Each variety clearly marked with its name, texture and use.

“It was a huge effort by everyone involved but we are delighted to have achieved the record,” said Barbour.

Ian Barbour of JBA seed potatoes

Ian Barbour of JBA seed potatoes

By the time the national gardening and outdoor living show, at The Royal Highland Centre Edinburgh closed on Sunday 2nd June, more than 30,000 will had the opportunity to see Barbour’s world record beating spuds.

It is not too late to grow your own potatoes either, with the ground starting to warm up, a few tubers popped into the soil or in pots and grow bags now will soon romp away.

JBA Seed Potatoes have their record breaking selection available online as well as a great range of garlic, shallots and onions.

More information

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