The sap is rising!

As we enter the middle of January, the days are already notably lengthening and brighter.

The mild. wet winter is encouraging all growing things into bud early and we have been sent a picture from Gary in Lancaster whose daffodils started to bloom on new year’s day.

January daffodil

Is this the earliest UK daffodil of 2012?

Perhaps this could be the UK’s earliest daffodil of 2012.

Many of the snowdrop gardens are announcing earlier visiting dates this season, so if you enjoy your snowdrop walks, start planning now. One of the most comprehensive list of snowdrop walks in the UK can be found at

A good day has been spent in the gardens finishing the last of the pruning and clearing the leaves, twigs and branches strewn by the high winds over the last couple of weeks.

Amongst all the debris, dainty lilac flowers of the dog violets can be seen catching some early sunshine and the first new acid green leaves of the Aquilegia are already spiralling out of the ground.

We have sown the first of our seeds, some sweet peas, herbs and early salad crops in the greenhouse.

Off to the vegetable garden now to harvest some more sprouts.

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