Independence Garden Plant List

We have created a list of plants, who by name association could be used to design a garden commemorating American Independence;

Trees and Shrubs

  • Washington Palm (Washingtonia filifera)

    Weigela Florida Rumba

    Weigela Florida Rumba

  • Mahonia or Oregon grape
  • Californian Lilac (Ceanothus)
  • Smooth Arizona Cypress – Blue Ice (Cupressus Arizonica)
  • Colorado Spruce (Picea Pungens)
  • Cornus Florida “Cherokee Chief” (Eastern flowering dogwood)
  • Weigela Florida

Roses & Climbers

  • Rosa Nevada
  • Virginia Creeper
  • 4th of July (Climbing rose)
  • Clematis “The President”
  • Clematis Montana
  • Clematis Florida Sieboldii


  • Iris “Wyoming Cowboys”
  • Lathyrus Odoratus (Sweet Pea) Oklahoma
  • Lathyrus Odoratus (Sweet Pea) Alaska Blue
  • Missouri Flag Iris (Iris Missouriensis)
  • Aquilegia (state series) Louisiana and florida
  • Phytogesia Virginia “Summer snow”
  • Phytogesia Virginia “Vivid”

    Virginia Creeper

    Virginia Creeper

  • Phlox Carolina
  • Carolina Silverbell
  • Canna “Delaware”
  • Canna “Alaska”
  • Hosta “Patriot”
  • Papaver “Brooklyn”
  • Ageratum Houstonianum “Hawaii White”
  • Nasturtium “Alaska Series”
  • Pinnesetum “Fireworks”
  • Gaillardia “Arizona Sun” and “Arizona Red”
  • Peony “Kansas”
  • Verbascum “Southern Charm”


  • Tulip “Triumph”
  • Viridiflora Tulip “Hollywood” and Hollywood Star”
  • Narcissi “Texas”
  • Asiatic Lily “Orange County”

Bedding Plants

  • Geranium “Parade”
  • Begonia “Destiny”
  • Begonia “Party Time”
  • Dahlia “Fireworks”
  • Allium “Fireworks mix”

    Clematis "The President"

    Clematis "The President"


J Parker’s Wholesale

Gardening Direct

Jersey Plants Direct

Thompson & Morgan

Van Meuwen

David Austin Roses (Also US site)


Please note that not all of the suppliers stock all of these plants, it would be wise to print off this list and browse the relevant sites.


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