RHS Plant Finder 2011

The RHS Plant Finder has always been a useful resource for those searching for a particular plant.

RHS Plant Finder 2011

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In the 2011 edition, topical essay RHS Horticultural Adviser, Helen Bostock, explains how the RHS has become involved in a research project which will contribute to the debate on the impact of the garden as a wildlife habitat.


The RHS Plant Finder exists to put enthusiastic gardeners in touch with plant suppliers.

The book is divided into two related sections;

A Plants section includes an A – Z directory of about 70,000 plant names, against which are listed a series of codes relating to suppliers, which are detailed in the nurseries section at the back of the book.

Each year the RHS Plant Finder is comprehensively updated to provide the plant enthusiast with the richest source of suppliers known to the Royal Horticultural Society.


Changes to genera reflect recent alterations to Nomenclature and Taxonomy and include:

The seperation of Morella as being distinct from Myrica; and the adoption of Argyrocytisus as being distinct from Cytisus and the inclusion of Calopsis and Ischryolepsis.

There have also been a number of changes and additions to the Iris family.

Ideal companion

RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers

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The RHS Plant Finder is ideal if you already know the plant you are looking for.  However, many people planning their garden may be looking for something to suit a particular colour scheme or shady spot in the garden.

This is where the classic RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers is a must-have.

Packed with advice on over 8,000 plants, the hardcover book gives you all you need to know on cultivation, pests, diseases and choosing the right plant for the right place.

The latest edition now features a new section on choosing the best plants for year round colour in your garden.

Along with some useful information about planning, designing and planting your garden as well as information on various styles and influences, this book can save you the heartache of buying plants which are just not suited to your soil or climate.

Are you looking for a medium sized shrub which has pink flowers in summer?

Do you need a hardy climber for a north facing aspect?

Created by a team of over forty experts, photographers and consultants, under the Editorship of Christopher Brickell, Director General of the RHS, this is the most authoritative work of this kind.  It gives a clear comprehensive guide to plants that can be cultivated in temperate climates.  An invaluable reference for every gardener.

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