Emsa Soft Bag cache pot

Soft Bags waterproof cache-pots with feel-good factor are already taking continental Europe by storm, since their launch in January.

Emsa Soft Bags

Incredibly versatile and stylish

German manufacturer EMSA. have created a contemporary range of waterproof fabric bags that are ideal as contemporary plant cache pots.

Fabric is vibrant and amazingly versatile.  It helps create a perfect feel good atmosphere with effective highlights in any living space – just like beautiful plants.  So now Emsa have combined the two in a unique new product: the innovative Soft Bags.  They are absolutely trendy and can easily be matched to a sofa, carpet or cushion covers.

Soft Bags are available in five sizes and four colours, they allow plenty of scope for unconventional decorating ideas.


How about a change of wallpaper for orchids, dracaena etc.? Pot plants, both big and small, make a stunning display in these new cache-pots made of synthetic material.  Their impressive design and practical features make them an absolute eye catcher in every home.

Thanks to the suppleness of the fabric, they adapt perfectly to the height and width of every inner pot to add an extra dimension of comfort with a minimum of effort.

On some versions, the high quality draw strings soon bring the Soft Bags into shape and ensure a proper fit.  The trendy turn down cuff adds the finishing touches.  Soft but sturdy, the robust base allows the cache-pots to stand firm and is 100 per cent watertight.

If the Soft Bags ever become soiled, the fabric is easy to clean.


The soft bag fabric is alive and makes any room a cosy place to be.  Cuddly blankets adorn the sofa and colourful pillows are wonderful accessories.  So what about textile cache-pots?

A total novelty!  The Soft Bags are surprisingly versatile and optimally connect the house to the garden.

Soft Bags can also be used in the bathroom for storing utensils, as a decorative fruit bowl on the dining table or planted with kitchen herbs.  Soft Bags simply make room for creative ideas in every corner.

Textile cache-pots are as versatile as their name implies: They are light, extremely durable and watertight.  Soft Bags can be rolled up or pulled together by a drawstring.  The textile cache-pots are full of good ideas – let yourself be inspired.

Gardening for health opinion

We like the fabric cache pots because:

  • They are lightweight and easy to store.
  • Very versatile – Each bag can be adapted to suit many pot sizes.
  • Contemporary colours and style to match your decor and furnishings.
  • Have many other uses around the home.
Emsa Soft Bag waterproof base

Emsa Soft Bag waterproof base

Where to buy

Currently available on Amazon.de

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