50% off ALL Thompson & Morgan seeds

Gardener’s are always on the look our for a bargain and we have a great one for you with a great offer from Thompson & Morgan.

Thompson & Morgan sale banner

Hurry, stock up now!

This wonderful deal of 50% off all Thompson & Morgan seeds is a great way to beat inflation and if the seeds are stored in a cool, dark place, we find they will generally last at least a year or so.


The sale only lasts until 7th June, so go ahead and fill up your seed box for next season and even next year!

50% off your flower or vegetable seeds means that you are virtually buying one packet and getting the other free.

Maybe you want to try a new vegetable or just replace your seed stock.

Visit our T & M store to take advantage of this exceptional offer ….but you will have to wait until I have got mine!

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