Plant of the month – Lilac

Lilac (syringa) is a deciduous shrub with deliciously fragrant blooms in late spring and early summer. In the language of flower. lilac symbolises first love and has been chosen by Prince William and Catherine Middleton for their wedding.

Belonging to the Oleaceae (olive) family, there are about 25 species of flowering woody plants which are native to woodland and scrub from southeastern Europe to eastern Asia.

white lilac

White Lilac

Lilac shrubs can grow up to 3 metres in height and just as wide but many grafted and miniature versions are available for the smaller garden.

The heart shaped leaves can be narrow or broad, depending on species and the flowers, ranging from white to deep violet are borne in clusters, forming pinacles at the end of the branch.

Lilac has a heady, sweet fragrance which, will no doubt make the Royal wedding at Westminster Abbey a blissful, fragrant experience.


In our family, the lilac had to stay outside, it was considered very unlucky to cut it and bring it indoors but nobody really explained the exact reason and although we have heard this from other people, nobody really knows the folklore behind the superstition.

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