Kew & The Times, Important Plants at Chelsea

Kew Gardens have reported that they will be working in partnership with The Times to create their Chelsea 2011 show garden.

Chelsea gold medallist, Marcus Barnett has designed a theme named “Eureka Garden” which will showcase plants important to science and society.

The plant species chosen for the show garden at Chelsea Flower Show 2011 will demonstrate the medicinal, commercial and industrial uses of plants over the years, underlining the intrinsic relationship between plants and human life on earth.

Life without plants

Kew’s scientists and conservationists are acutely aware of the vital role that plants play in our lives and they work to ensure that the plants that protect our environment continue to thrive, and that their usefulness for mankind is harnessed and enhanced.

Kew maintains the world’s largest Herbarium, one of the world’s most important botanical reference libraries and probably the most diverse living collection of plants in the world.

The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership is also led by Kew.  A global collaboration operating in more than 50 countries. It is the largest ex-situ conservation project in the world, banking 10% of the world’s plant species seed to date.

The Times is the only national newspaper to have a dedicated monthly science magazine.  In October 2009 it launched “Eureka”, which dedicates 60 pages each month to covering science, life and the environment.

Read the full article, to find out more about the Eureka garden design and the plants listed.

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