In your garden this month

Things to do in the garden this month

Brought to you by Garden Organic, this site will give you reminders of all the tasks to undertake month by month.


Careful planning makes gardening task easier and helps to keep you focused

Of course, tasks in the garden vary depending on where you live and the prevailing weather conditions, but as a rule, there are only a few weeks difference and a general guide is always handy.

Most gardener’s have great plans at the end or start of a season but there never seems enough time to do everything.  At least having a plan helps to keep you on the right track.

The winter to spring season is strange, physical gardening slows and seed and plant catalogues start to arrive through the post.  Sitting with a nice cup of tea, browsing these catalogues in the cold winter months, can feel as if we have plenty of time to get organised, but all too soon, the seed sowing season is upon us and the gardening frenzy of spring takes over.

The Garden organic “What to do in Your Garden” section is easy to use and broken down into specific areas of interest:  Ornamentals, herb, vegetables and fruit.

A special section is dedicated to topical questions and answers, whilst the general section gives a a list of handy tasks and hints no matter what style or size of garden you may have.

Garden Organic -” What to do in Your Garden” Section

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