How to Grow a School Garden

Bucklin-Sporer and Pringle, gardeners and educators, bring extensive experience to this excellent manual for teachers and parents interested in creating school gardens.

With step-by-step tasks, advice on everything from raising funds to garden designs, materials lists, and lesson plans that connect garden activities to curriculums and meeting school standards, this unique guide paves the way for getting a garden off the ground, so to speak, in a yearlong overview that covers ideas for building planting beds, delicious recipes, and composting.

The bounty of information is presented in ways that will generate excitement and provide inspiration for teachers and their volunteer partners.

Bucklin-Sporer and Pringle are also comprehensive in their approach to providing much needed guidance for communities and schools that have already embarked on creating school gardens, yet require assistance in moving forward and for those new to the concept, the authors will awaken readers to the critical aspects of teaching children organic-gardening principles, the delights and solace of the gardening experience, and how to nurture a child’s understanding of ecology.

How to Grow a School Garden by Arden Bucklin Sporer is published by Timber Press 9781604690002GI

The editorial review of the book as found on Amazon.

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