Blight resistant tomatoes!

Good news for British tomato growers. Thompson & Morgan have a blight resistant tomato collection in the new 2011 seed catalogue.

Blight resistant tomato collection

Buy your blight resistant tomato seed from our Thampson & Morgan store

As you can tell by our posts over the summer, the blight fungus struck again when the weather turned wet at the start of July.  We will certainly be placing our order for these seeds soon as they are sure to sell quickly and will trial them in the gardens next year.

The first blight resistant basket tomato; Losetto F1 hybrid, is exclusive to Thompson and Morgan and in several trials over the last two years, has shown tolerance to the devastating blight fungus.

Losetto F1 is a bushy, determinate variety with no need to pinch out side shoots, which makes it ideal for basket and container growing, as well as being suitable for a sunny place in the garden.

Round, red fruits are cherry sized with a sweet flavour.

Larger tomatoes

Legend is an early ripening Beefsteak variety with exceptional blight tolerance. The almost seedless fruits are borne over a long period and are large, juicy and flavoursome, making them ideal for cooking and slicing.

A bushy variety with no need for pinching of side shoots, Legend can be grown under glass or outside.

Ferline F1 hybrid has shown impressive blight tolerance in the garden situation and as a vigorous grower, it could be the answer to many gardeners’ prayers.

An indeterminate variety which needs side shoots pinched out, produces heavy crops of tasty deep red fruits weighing up to about 150g each.

Suitable for growing under glass, Ferline F1 is also resistant to fusarium and verticilium wilt.

This variety is also available as young plants.

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