Archives for July 2010

A Thingamadig

Following on from our recent article about using hand tools in the garden. we have recently found this Thingamadig from Lakeland. The Thingamadig is manufactured by Dalson in Australia for Lakeland of Windermere.  They claim that; "This unique and versatile garden trowel can dig, scoop, … [Read more...]

Support the RHS school gardening campaign

A new report by the Royal Horticultural Society says "school gardening boosts child development; teaches life skills and makes kids healthier and happier." An RHS website, supported by Waitrose has been created for this campaign and has valuable content for teachers and students. The RHS … [Read more...]

Contaminated compost still killing plants

In 2008, Garden Organic reported a flood of queries from allotment holders and gardeners whose crops were showing unusual symptoms. The cause turned out to be manure contaminated with the very persistent weedkiller, aminopyralid. Despite the introduction of stringent conditions in 2010, by Dow … [Read more...]

Moon Planting Guide

For those who follow or are interested in the biodynamic planting method, check out the lunar planting and harvesting guide at the Gardener's Simple to follow with easy to understand explanations about how the biodynamic  planting system, following the phases of the moon, can help … [Read more...]

Defra launches green thinking strategy

According to an article in Horticulture Week, Environment secretary Caroline Spelman met prime minister David Cameron to launch a Structural Reform Plan which the Government claimed puts "green thinking at the heart of the economic recovery". The plan lays down three departmental priorities; To … [Read more...]