Lakeland Garden

Lakeland Garden at Holker Garden Show 2010

The Lakeland Garden has been designed and built by Patrick Holmes of Plantspace, as a small example of the plants and materials available in the Lake District and the surrounding areas.

Lakeland garden at Holker 2010

Lakeland garden at Holker 2010

Patrick has kindly provided us with details of all of the plants, stone,wood and other materials in the garden, which have been sourced from within Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

The design incorporates a curving path which leads to a bench beneath a pergola as a vantage point from which to enjoy the garden. The central pond set below ground level brings depth to the garden while the raised bed, trees and pergola bring height and structure to the overall design.

Low planting in the raised bed is brought up while the low lush foliage planting of the main bed completes the view.

Many thanks go to Brownthwaite Nurseries for supplying the bulk of the perennial plants, and to Tredecim for the garden bench and planters which are all made from recycled aluminium.

The paving and walling slate are from the local Burlington Stone quarry at Kirkby-in-Furness. The planting of the garden includes:

Plant list

Acer palmatum, Buxus sempervirens, Crataegus persimillis Prunifolia Splendens, Hebe pinguifolia Sutherlandii, Hosta caerulea,
Hosta Centre of Attention, Hosta fortunei, Hosta Patriot, Hosta Regal Splendour, Hosta Sagae, Hosta Sum and Substance,
Iris pseudocorus Variegata, Ligularia Marie Crawford, Mattucia struthiopteris, Osteospermum, Persicaria bistorta Superba,
Ranunculus acontifolium Pleniflorus, Rodgersia Pinnata, Rosularia sedoides Alba, Rumex flexuosa, Saxifraga stolonifera plus a number of other Saxifrage and small succulents along the drystone walls as well as common garden herbs both in pots and incorporated into the raised bed planting.

Locally Sourced

In an age when the bulk of hard landscaping materials now available are imported from India and the Far East, and when the vast majority of plants for sale in garden centres are trucked in from Europe, it should be the responsibility of gardeners and landscapers to be more aware of the economic and environmental cost of the plants and materials they buy. Ask where that plant was grown, find out where that stone was quarried – do you need to buy some paving and walling that has travelled half way around the world by ship when there are better materials available within fifty miles of your door? Will that Italian shrub thrive in your garden and survive twenty or more Northern winters?

Buy local and be responsible for your environment.

Lakeland Garden Information PDF

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