Hackney Veg Patch

When growing veg, it is important to plan ahead very carefully to gain the best out of your plot and to maintain crop rotation.

vegetable gardenOn our searches around the web we found this wonderful site ” Our Vegetable Garden – Notes from a Hackney veg patch” where you can find an interesting array of articles for the grow your own enthusiast.

Their excellent veg patch planting plan is broken down to individual pots and rows which is ideal for the small garden and patio garden.  We are sure that many gardeners both new and experienced can gain some inspiration from this site.

Nicholas and Stephen’s vegetable garden plan is based on inter cropping and catch cropping principles. This ensures you get the most from your plot by planting quick growing crops in amongst the slower maturing ones.  An ideal which is the mainstay of every kitchen garden.

As well as the very useful planning aspect, there are also articles on preserving and cooking your produce.

More information

Our Vegetable Garden – Follow the exploits and tips on growing veg in a Hackney garden.

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