Grow Your Own Garden

Carol Klein is passionate about propagating plants, in fact her own garden in Devon is almost grown entirely from cutting, root divisions and seeds and in her latest book she shares her joy in working with nature to cultivate the plants she loves.

Too often gardeners feel intimidated by propagation and we can all too easily fall into the trap of buying a “ready made garden” from the garden centre. But Carol, a gifted communicator with her infectious enthusiasm, boundless horticultural expertise and easy practical explanations, shows just how simple and satisfying it is to grow your own plants, not to mention sustainable and cheap.

Grow your own garden

Each chapter is dedicated to a particular technique and shows step by step, how to divide herbaceous perennials, nurture seedlings or grow new stock from root cuttings, stems or leaves, showing how there is no mystique involved and anybody can do it.

Just as useful for the coffee table and browsing with a cup of tea as it is valuable to horticultural student.

One of the biggest problems most people face, is knowing which techniques should be applied to a particular plant,  so an invaluable section at the back of the book matches plants to their particular propagation technique.

When you do visit the garden centre and make that new plant purchase, you will be less inclined to buy the plant in flower and more likely to opt for the bushier one which can offer you more for your money!

There is nothing more satisfying than taking a seed or cutting and watching it grow into a whole new plant.

Many gardener’s will have ‘special’ plants, often of great sentimental value that they grew from cuttings from a friend or relatives garden and what greater thrill than to see the face of a friend when you give her a plant raised from one she so dearly loved in your garden.

Well done Carol….this is gardening at its very best.

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