Sunflowers for Uplifting Colour

Colour affects our mood and shades from yellow through red have an uplifting effect on our spirits. Few plants can be more rewarding or easy to grow than sunflowers.

Traditional sunflowers can be tall, Growing to heights of  4 – 6 ft but developments in cultivation now gives us blooms of 2 -3 feet which are more manageable in windy, exposed gardens or for gardener’s who do not wish to spend their days tying stems to supports.

A recent introduction from Thompson & Morgan offers the chance to grow sunflowers in pots with the new variety “Choco Sun” which grows only to about 30cms.

Easy to Grow

Sunflowers are one of the easiest plants to grow but they dislike being transplanted, so we suggest sowing the seed in biodegradable pots or the cardboard insides of toilet rolls, then the whole pot can be planted direct into their final position without disturbing the roots. Where possible, wait until the ground warms up enough to sow direct in their final flowering position.

Mice love to dig up sunflower seeds and slugs will adore the succulent seedlings, so protect your sowings with cloches or similar until the plants are established.

Range of colours

Think of a sunflower and the colour yellow automatically springs to mind but there is now a wealth of options from the “Italian white” through to rich reds of “Velvet Queen”.

Great for children

Children love flowers and plants that grow quickly and sunflowers provide them with almost daily changing interest as they wait for the bright flowers to open.  The seeds are large and easy for young fingers to handle, so that children can be involved right from the seed sowing stage.

Good for bees and birds

Not only does the colour of sunflowers lift our spirits but they are especially loved by bees and other pollinating insects and when the flower dies at the end of the season, you will be left with a seed head which the birds will love too.

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