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Gardening For Health regularly give presentations for events, gardening clubs and horticultural colleges.

Maureen FlettMaureen Flett, Clinical Director of The Sport and Performing Arts Injury Clinic, originally trained as a Sports Therapist, specialising in human biomechanics and spinal injuries. She continues to operate a highly successful clinic in north Cumbria.

Her clinical career spans over eighteen years, working with some of the world’s premier sports people and musicians, as well as being an author and lecturer.

Brought up and living in the stunning English Lake District, Maureen never ceases to be amazed by the natural surroundings and is appreciative of the challenges that face gardeners in difficult conditions.

As a keen plants woman and avid gardener, she is passionate about the many health benefits of gardening and understands how miserable life can be if the hobby is curtailed or made difficult by injury or illness.

Her enthusiastic and inclusive approach to her presentations, ensures that gardeners get the help and advice they need to continue digging around in the dirt for as long as possible.


All of our presentations take into account the amount of work placed on the gardener and focus on plants, design ideas and techniques with this in mind.

Presentations can be written specially for your event or group on request.

Maureen Flett is on various speakers lists including;


If you have a website, magazine or publication and require editorial, then please contact us to spread the word about the health benefits of gardening.


Our diary fills rapidly,  so if you would like us to attend your event or show, please get in touch. Please complete the enquiry form below.


The average cost is £57 per presentation plus travel for events within a 40 mile radius of Carlisle.  These prices do vary so ask us for a quotation.

For all day events and those outside a 40 mile radius of our Carlisle base, please contact us for pricing.

Our presentations;

Gardening for Health – The health benefits of gardening and how to avoid injuries.
Successful Seed Sowing – How to get the best results when growing from seed.
Selecting garden tools – How to select garden tools that make your life easier and help avoid injury.
Easy cut flower garden – Growing flowers for cutting.
The History of Plants – Our human relationship with plants.
Gardening out of This World – Gardening in space.
Tuscan garden – How to create a garden with a Tuscan feel.
Provence garden – How to create a Provence style garden.
Herbs for health – Growing herbs and how we can use them for our benefit.
Vertical gardening – How to grow in small spaces and use structures.
Biodynamic Gardening – Gardening with the natural phases of the moon.
Winter treats – Creating a garden that looks a good in winter as it does in summer.
The Winter Greenhouse. – Extending the growing season and getting the most from your greenhouse or polytunnel.

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