Vegetable plug plants

Growing your veg from plug plants can have many benefits and over the last couple of years, the range offered has increased greatly.

One of the hardest parts of growing your own is the tricky seed growing stage when plants are subject to damping off or destroyed by slugs and snails.  Using pre grown plug plants cuts out this stage completely.

Plants are usually supplied at a size ready for planting directly into their growing position. Handy when space is at a premium and you do not have room for lots of seed trays, compost, propagators and indeed a greenhouse.

Avoid pricking out which can be laborious and difficult, especially for those who lack dexterity or the ability to stand or sit for long periods.

Plug plants are usually raised in the optimum of conditions, allowing good root development, so that your vegetables romp away once planted.

Many people like to go away early in the year and leaving precious seedlings in the care of a friend or relative can prove disastrous.

We have a selection for you on the left and you can view the complete range by clicking on any of the links.

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