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As spring approaches, so does the annual onslaught of garden pests.  Nemasys come to the rescue once again with a new nematode product for 2010, “Grow your own”.  Designed to tackle eleven pests in one application, simple!

Whilst your garden may have been resting over the winter, the boffins at Nemasys have been busy creating a new nematode product aimed at those who grow their own.

Called simply “Grow your own”, this latest addition to the Nemasys range will take organic gardening into a whole new realm.

We have selected a few natural pest control products, just click on any thumbnail to view the full range and order your Nemasys “Grow your own” now.

What the guys from Nemasys say:

Nemasys Grow Your Own Pest Control is a unique mix of different nematode species to target a broad range of pests. Especially for the home gardener, it has been specifically researched to combat carrot root fly, cabbage root fly, leatherjackets, cutworms, onion fly, ants, sciarid fly, caterpillars, gooseberry sawfly, thrips, and codling moth.

It is so easy to use and when used as a programme, the gardener does not have to worry about application times or thorough investigations as to what the pests actually are. Just follow the programme – designed to target pests when they are active in the soil or on plants, see below for specific details.

Nemasys Grow Your Own is safe on food crops and suitable for use on organic crops. It will not harm pets, children, wildlife or bees.

At Gardeningforhealth, we have been using the Nemaslug slug killer and Nemasys Vine Weevil control for about three years, and have to say that they are now a gardening must have.  To know that we can now control fruit and vegetable pests such as sawfly and codling moth will be a blessing for our fruit garden and orchard.

The recent damp summers resulted in huge increases in the number of slugs, and apart from munching off our seedlings and salad crops, they were also a danger to our dogs, as they can carry a parasite, Angiostrongylus vasorum, also known as the ‘French heartworm, which can cause fatal illness.

Nemaslug was the first nematode product that we used and were instantly converted.  After a total destruction of our strawberry crop two years ago by Vine Weevil, we turned again to nematode application, as all other vine weevil treatments are poisonous, this was our only hope.   A twice yearly application solved the problem and although we have seen one or two adult weevils around, we had no more plant loss.

Wonder if the Nemasys guys are interested in declaring war on the Lily Beetle!

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