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The winter months are a great time for sharpening garden tools, overhauling equipment and of course considering new purchases.

When buying a lawn mower, it is essential to consider the environment it needs to operate in, ergonomic design, weight and of course storage.

Picture of the brill Evolution petrol lawn mower in storage

Compact upright storage

At last year’s Gardener’s World Live exhibition, we came across Nottingham based Henton & Chattel, distributors for a great range of machines who’s build quality was outstanding and functional and ergonomic design stood out from the crowd.

I spent quite a lot of time playing with various models of lawn mower and grilling the guys with questions and feel that this range has a lot to offer the gardener who wants to look after their back as well as the lawn.

One problem that I have in particular, is a large front lawn on a steep incline which is not big enough for a sit on mower but is too big for cumbersome cabled electric mowers and too steep for battery operated ones (they just don’t have the power).
My only option is a petrol mower but being in a modern house…where to store the thing!

I found my dream mower! The Brill Evolution is a lightweight petrol mower that can be stored (filled) in an upright position.  In fact it would take up less room than some electric mowers.

It is very easy to move around and the upright position also allows the machine to be cleaned easily after use.

Cylinder mowers
The purists, including myself, say that a lawn should only ever be cut with a cylinder mower, as it causes minimum damage to

Brill cyclinder 38 premium mower

Cylinder 38 premium mower

the blades of grass, so needless to say I took quite a long hard look at their Razorcut cylinder mower range.

Cylinder mowers are also ideal for those who maybe don’t have quite such a big lawn and want to consider their impact on the environment.

A very ergonomic design offers ease of use, they are lightweight and the most important part – the blades are specially heat treated to make them sharp and efficient, offering a superb cut without stress to the back and upper limbs.

The Brill cylinder mower range has quite a few different models with manual machines capable of up to 250 square meters and a battery operated version suitable for up to 400 square meters of lawn.

All of the mowers in the Brill range have comfortable soft grip handles.

More information

Visit the Brill Garden Products website for more information.

Henton & Chattell Ltd – The UK’s leading grass machinery distributor

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