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The government has started a new campaign to make gardeners aware of invasive aquatic plants and the damage they can do to our ponds, waterways and the environment.

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New government campaign

Ponds can make wonderful garden features, they add tranquility, movement of water and help to increase the types of wildlife that visit the garden.

However, ponds do require regular maintenance to thin out overgrown plants and generally help keep a natural balance.

A number of common pond plants are quite invasive and can readily take over.

These invasive aquatic plants can easily become established in the wild, where they can smother our native plants, clog our waterways, worsen flooding and remove oxygen from the water, which is harmful to fish and other native aquatic dwellers.

Know what you grow
Knowing what is growing and what to grow in your pond it essential. Non native or invasive species will create an imbalance in the pond making it difficult for other plants and wildlife.  Getting rid of or cutting back on the invasive plants will also save you endless hours of work.

Compost with care
Pond owners, gardeners and anglers can unknowingly assist the spread of aquatic plants into our countryside.
No matter how well meaning and appealing it may seem to brighten up a local pond or riverbank, we must never put excess pond plant material into our natural enviroment and waterways.  Dumping aquatic plants in the wild could even be breaking the law.
Always dispose of old plants and pond material responsibly, by composting or using a green waste bin.
Stop the spread
Be careful if you move pond plants around, don’t share them with your neighbours and friends – even tiny fragments can cause massive problems on land as well as in water.
Take care when disposing of waste water from your pond, it can easily carry plant material which may take root.

Be Plant Wise Video
Specially prepared for this initiative, is a short online video, presented by Charlie Dimmock. Use her tips to look after your own pond and be plant wise to the threat of invasive plants, which can take over your pond and damage the environment.

For more information on the issue and what you can do to stop the spread visit the Be Plant Wise website.

More information
Be plant wise – Government campaign to help us identify invasive aquatic plants and understand the damage they can do to our ponds, waterways and the environment.

Find out more about our rivers and waterways.

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