Archives for February 2010

Figo Connectors Review

Necessity is the mother of invention and the FIGO flexible garden frame connector is one of the latest garden gadgets designed to make our lives easier. We have spent the week playing with a box of these new flexible connectors and we are certainly impressed, their flexibility means they can … [Read more...]

Make Spring Gardening Easier

As gloomy winter days give way to the watery sunlight of spring, the temperature may still be cool but daylight hours are lengthening and the garden is certainly starting to show new signs of life. Early spring can be a hard physical time for the gardener and apart from the usual seed sowing … [Read more...]

Events and Publications

Maureen Flett is available for presentations at gardening shows and events, for talks on all aspects of gardening for health, health benefits of gardening and gardening with disability. We are currently on the following gardener's society speakers lists; Cottage Garden Society - The Cottage … [Read more...]

Be Plant Wise

The government has started a new campaign to make gardeners aware of invasive aquatic plants and the damage they can do to our ponds, waterways and the environment. Ponds can make wonderful garden features, they add tranquility, movement of water and help to increase the types of wildlife … [Read more...]

Daffodil desktop wallpaper

Bring a touch of spring to your desktop. With our daffodil wallpaper. We have been out with the digital camera once more and have some great desktop images for your computer. Below you will find some of the most common screen sizes. [download id="12"] - registered users … [Read more...]