Southport Flower Show 2009

Thank you to all those who attended our presentation “Gardening with Injury & Disability”, at the Southport Flower Show over the weekend.

The weather was kind compared to the forecasts we had been given and attendance was high. Many traders exhibited at the showground and the floral marquees were a blaze of colour and perfume.

It was refreshing to see that a show of this size could still keep a local focus, with the amateur growers tent packed with prize winning home grown vegetables and floral exhibits.

The amateur grower's tent

The amateur grower's tent

Gardening With Injury & Disability
Response to our presentation on Gardening with Injury & Disability was very favourable.

During the talk we discussed how thinking about the design of the garden and careful planning could greatly ease the annual workload.  Looking at how plant choice and use of space could be of benefit, as well as thinking about the tools we use.
In fact, having disabilities can lead to a whole different approach to gardening, which for some opens up more possibilities than they had before.

Making sure that we don’t try to do too much at once and varying tasks is vital to avoid strain to already painful joints and muscles.

Focusing on important aspects of design and usability for those who require wheelchair access and the visually impaired.

During the presentation we mentioned various organisations with useful information on this subject and the links to these are below;

Arthritis Research Campaign – Useful on line information about Gardening with Arthritis.

Spinal Unit (University Hospital of North Tees) – Some expert advice on back and core strength exercises.
There is also a wealth of information about back and neck problems.

Thrive – An organisation dedicated to gardening for the  blind and partially sighted. Their new “Carry on Gardening” section offers advice to those who need to garden sitting or from a wheelchair.

If you have any questions about gardening with an injury or disability or you are an organisation who would like us to appear at your event, then please get in touch using the “contact us” form on this website.


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