Advice from the experts

Over the years, our gardening habits are influenced by others.

In my case, our family had a long tradition of farming in the Cumbrian Lake District and growing things both commercially and for our own kitchen garden was just a way of life.

Tips handed down through family members, local weather patterns and the land itself all dictated our gardening habits and styles.

Our parents and grandparents had only this passed on knowledge and a handful of books to aid them but the advent of dedicated television programmes revolutionised our gardening.

Percy Thrower was my first recollection of these gardening personalities (I was only a child at the time)! but my first real gardening hero was Geoff Hamilton. His unique and revolutionary style of chemical free gardening was enhanced by the cottage kitchen garden approach to growing edibles with ornamentals.  As a teenager who was embracing her grandmother’s love of growing flowers combined with the benefits of growing food, this seemed like utopia.

Now we have a wealth of knowledge and personalities to bestow their advice and techniques on the novice and expert alike.

I have selected a few experts who have influenced my gardening and whose current advice you may find useful.

Alan Titchmarsh
Alan’s charismatic personality combined with his gardening knowledge has provided me with sound advice over many years.  He has produced a number of books on the subject, his latest publications have been broken down into a collection of handbooks, each relevant to a separate subject, affordable and great for the beginner and more experienced gardener.

His BBC “How to be a Gardener” series takes the novice from understanding their garden and soil to producing their own flowers and food. A must for the beginner.

Christine Walkden
The wonderfully cheery and enthusiastic Christine makes her the woman we would all love as a neighbour. A plantswoman and horticulturalist.
I would defy anybody not to want to garden after seeing her in action.

Carol Klein
Her love of growing things from seed, cuttings and root division is a welcome break from the instant gardening approach of going to the nursery and just buying what we grow.
In this economic climate we need to know these skills to get the best from our garden.
Carol has a passion for growing things that is infectious.

Toby Buckland & The Gardener’s World Team
Toby has returned the Gardener’s World theme to that of the Geoff Hamilton days, with gardening techniques and planting styles more suited to the size and requirements of our gardens today. The team give a light hearted but informative approach and the website has a host of useful information.

Chris Beardshaw
Share his passion for plants and their history. Chris is a knowledgeable plantsman and his confidence and love of plants enthrals and captivates.

Grow Your own team
A wealth of information for all fruit and veg growers. Great for the allotment or aspiring allotment holder.

Find a wealth of knowledge on plants, from cultivation to botanical history.
You may even decide that horticulture is something you would like to study formally in which case they have a number of recognised courses on offer.

Garden Organic
For those who have a specific interest in gardening as naturally as possible and would like to grow some of the diverse heritage  varieties, this site is a must.

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