Vegetables out in front

A resident of a Cumbrian village has been brave enough to buck the British trend by turning his front lawn into a fruit and vegetable garden.

clever use of a front garden on Orton, Cumbria

clever use of a front garden in Orton, Cumbria

The british front garden has always been something of an extension of the front room, kept clean and tidy, embellished with ornaments and only ever seen by visitors.

Well tended front lawns and flower borders were meant for the eyes only, with the fruit and veg being grown in the back garden.

Modern houses, rarely allow this luxury and some homeowners are digging up their lawns in order to use the land productively.

Vegetable gardens do not have to be bare expanses of earth with regimented rows of greenery. Design can play a part in creating something as pleasing to the eye as it is to the stomach.

This use of raised beads, carefully placed to allow unhindered use of the driveway creates enough space to grow a wide variety of produce, providing good depth for root veg and easy access for weeding and harvesting.  Even the central area has been used to create height by training raspberry canes over the posts.

All of this within a few steps from the front door.

Have you traded your turf for veg? send us your pictures and share your experience.

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