Gardening Calorie Counter

Today sees the launch of our new downloadable gardening calorie counter.

We have compiled data and analysed statistics to give you an idea of how many calories are burned doing various gardening tasks.

Page from our Garden calorie counter leaflet

Page from our Garden calorie counter leaflet

A simple table gives easy reference and allows you to complete the record sheet which you can pin to your shed door or kitchen notice board to keep track of how your gardening can help to shed those extra Kg’s.

All of the figures are an approximation of how many calories the average person would burn, so it must be remembered that everybody is different and will lose weight at different rates.

Of course all of this forms part of a general healthy diet and taking around 30 minutes moderate exercise each day.

Skipping meals and crash dieting will not lead to efficient or safe weight loss and it is important that good dietry advice is followed.

We advise that you consult a medical practitioner before undertaking weight loss or fitness programmes.

Gardening is a rewarding fitness activity but be sure to pace your self, do a little at a time and vary your tasks to avoid injury and discomfort.

So download the leaflet, print off the record sheet and have fun!

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