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Gardening Calorie Counter

Today sees the launch of our new downloadable gardening calorie counter. We have compiled data and analysed statistics to give you an idea of how many calories are burned doing various gardening tasks. A simple table gives easy reference and allows you to complete the record sheet which … [Read more...]

Search for ‘Garden Mastermind’

Gardening enthusiasts are being encouraged to test their horticultural knowledge against some of the county’s leading experts in a ‘Cumbria’s Master Gardeners’ contest being held at Muncaster Castle on the 1st of May at 1.15pm. … [Read more...]

Gardens to Visit – Italy

Trauttmansdorff Castle Botanic Gardens. Northern Italy. Villa Gamberaia. Tuscany, Italy … [Read more...]

Gardens to Visit UK

Gardens to visit  in England Scotland Wales Ireland … [Read more...]