Archives for November 2008

Great River Cottage Project

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his team from River Cottage are launching a brilliant new project in 2009 called Landshare. … [Read more...]

Staying Safe in The Garden

Every year around 90,000 people have to go to their local A&E department with a gardening-related injury. The worst offender when it comes to accidents with gardening machinery is the lawnmower. Lots of accidents happen when people clean their lawnmower blades, so remember to wear gloves … [Read more...]

Gardening Bad for Backs?

In a recent article by the BBC, the growing popularity of gardening is putting many people at risk of back pain, according to a survey. … [Read more...]

Gardening on Prescription

Every day across the UK, GP's are advocating exercise to reduce the risk of hearth problems, Osteporosis, reduce weight and many others, so why not advise patients to consider gardening? … [Read more...]