Using Lavender


Lavender hanging to dry

Lavender hanging to dry



Pruning lavender plants in late summer and autumn, helps keep them neat and stop them from going “leggy” and woody but in order to do this, the many flower spikes need to be cut off.

No need to waste them as lavender flowers have a myriad of uses.

The ‘English Lavender‘ isn’t strictly English at all, like many other plants, it was primarily introduced hundreds of years ago by the Romans.

Renowned for it’s perfume, Lavender has long had a place in herbal medicine, cooking and the beauty industry.

When we cut off the Lavender flowers, they are tied in bunches and left to dry.  They will often drop some of the flowers during this time so putting them flowers first into a paper bag and hanging it somewhere warm and dry will ensure that you keep them from falling everywhere.

Use lavender to fragrance the home in the form of sachets or pot pouri. Lavender pillows help aid resftul sleep and home made bath sachets will help to soothe and relax the mind as well as ease tired aching muscles after a long day in the garden. Why not make some to give to friends.

In the kitchen, the flowers are often placed into sugar to create Lavender sugar and are even used as an ingredient in cakes.

If you want to increase your stock of plants or replace old woody ones, then now is the time to take cuttings from your prunings to create plants for free.  Lavender roots very easily and in no time at all you can have many new plants which will flower next summer.

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