Size Matters When You Fork Out

Gardeners enjoy digging and cultivation as it helps to keep us fit and strong, but too much bending can bring on those back aches and knee strains.   


Although there are many specialist tools on the market, our Physical Therapist has been trying out the Sneeboer range of hand forged stainless steel tools, which has a range of garden forks, hoes and cultivators to help take the strain.

Long handles allow us to work with a more upright posture, limiting the bending. Thicker tines on the forks and cultivators give the tool greater strength which in turn reduces the effort needed by the gardener.
Our physio’ particularly likes the long handled 3 pronged fork which allows you to work smaller areas without having to kneel down. Matthew Wilson, the Curator and head of site at RHS Harlow Carr, trialled the long handled spade and pronounced it a favourite because of its distinctive long handle which helps prevent strain on the spine with the boot protectors and added useful feature.
Go to Harrod Horticultural to see the complete Sneeboer tool range.
Image reproduced from the Harrod Hortucultural 2008 catalogue.

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