Gardening For Fitness

The physical benefits of gardening are well documented, improving strength and mobility.

Think of your garden as a gym, but without the membership fee, sweaty bodies and awkward, boring machinery.

All sorts of muscles and techniques are employed to dig, weed, plant and move, providing an adequate workout without even realising it.

As long as correct techniques are employed when lifting, moving objects, bending and carrying, the workout is much less stressful to the joints than running or jogging.

Research studies show that an individual can use just as much energy performing gardening tasks as they would participating in a gym based exercise programme if not more so, as we tend to spend longer in the garden than we possibly would in the gym.

Calorie burning activities include:


  • Digging or cultivating (30 mins) 202 calories.
  • Grass cutting (ride on mower) 101 calories.
  • Planting shrubs and trees (30 mins) 182 calories.
  • Manual pruning and trimming (30 mins) 180 calories.
  • Turf laying (30 mins) 182 calories
  • Raking and hoeing (30 mins) 162 calories
  • Turning compost (30 mins) 250 calories
  • Weeding (30 mins) 180 calories.

The final rewards are the fruits of your labour, having a great place to sit and enjoy nature or even fruit, veg and herbs for the kitchen.

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