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Give Your Toms a Helping Hand

  As the nights start to draw in and become cooler, your tomatoes will still be trying to put on lots of new growth and flowers. In warmer climates this does not cause a problem as the fruits will have plenty of time to ripen, but in the UK, especially the further north you go, this new … [Read more...]

BBC Grow Your Own Veg ( Carol Klein)

Expertly written in conjunction with the RHS, this book supports the Television series of the same name.     Carols' enthusiasm would make anybody who has never grown their own, go into the garden, dig up the lawn and get sowing. For those who do grow their own veg, this book can still nurture … [Read more...]

The Elements of Organic Gardening ( HRH The Prince of Wales)

HRH The Prince of Wales has been a keen gardener for more than 25 years and has developed his estate at Highgrove as a model for organic farming and gardening. … [Read more...]

Alan Titchmarsh – The Kitchen Gardener

The usual concise, definitive reference from the Maestro himself. Divided into two sections with lavish photography and artwork throught. … [Read more...]

Size Matters When You Fork Out

Gardeners enjoy digging and cultivation as it helps to keep us fit and strong, but too much bending can bring on those back aches and knee strains. … [Read more...]